Aflatoxins pathway

aflatoxins pathway
11-hydroxy-o-methylsterigmatocystin 5'-hydroxy-averantin 5'-oxoaverantin aflatoxicol aflatoxin b1 aflatoxin b2 aflatoxin b2a aflatoxin g1 aflatoxin g2 aflatoxin m1 aflatoxin M2 aflatoxin q1 averantin averufin dihydro-o-methylsterigmatocystin dihydrodemethylsterigmatocystin dihydrosterigmatocystin hydroxyversicolorone norsolorinic acid norsolorinic acid anthrone O-methylstrigmatocystin sterigmatocystin versicolorin a versicolorin b versicolorone versiconal versiconal hemiacetal acetate versiconol versiconol acetate


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