Welcome to the MycoCentral Database

Food and feed production is concerned worldwide by contamination with natural substances such as mycotoxins. These toxins are produced by fungi and responsible for diseases in livestocks but also in humans with 50 000 hospitalizations estimated per year in the European Union. The concern due to the presence of mycotoxins in food and feed is increasing as the development of fungi is favored by climate change.

Except for some very well-known toxins, the data available are rather scarce and spread out in the web. In order to centralize and combine various types of information on mycotoxins, we have developed a mycotoxin database (MycoCentral) within the Interreg project Agritox (Agritox.eu). This database currently contains 904 mycotoxins and metabolites, some synthesis pathways, as well as some producing fungi. As well, physico-chemical properties, kinetics (ADME), toxicological endpoints and medical chemistry parameters have been collected from 7 free QSAR/ADME tools and software and aggregated in a standardized way for each mycotoxin. When available, some experimental information have been implemented into the database. When a mycotoxin is referenced in other informative databases, the links have been provided as well.